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The owners of reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason. Rules of Conduct is open to anyone who owns or is in the possession of a diagnosed EPI positive canine or feline. That means any Veterinarian, foster parent; breeder or owner of a dog/cat who has had a cTLI performed and the result is positive or is currently receiving digestive enzyme treatment. Keep in mind that there are many different treatment modalities available to us today that were not available even ten years ago and that just because a treatment is not mainstream medicine or western medicine does not mean it is not valid or worthwhile. The members of this list comprise a huge cumulative number of years of experience not only in EPI care but general canine care for all different maladies. And holding with the old saying that “every dog is a little bit different” there are going to be times that what works for one dog may or may not work for another. In many cases we just have to try! We want the flavor of this forum to be very open. We want a free exchange of ideas but in order to allow that to happen we all have to be willing and ok with sharing our ideas and experiences and hearing those of other members. Being critical of someone else’s ideas only serves to shut people down and shut them out. If you don’t wish to take their advice say thank you and move on. That same person may have the advice that saves your dog’s life next week but if you shut them down they will be afraid to come forward the next time for fear of rejection. There are not right or wrong diets, types of medical care western/holistic, etc.. Everyone that is a member on this forum is here trying to help their dog the same as you are. Each member has to live and make decisions based on their own unique set of circumstances, finances and life style. We are not here to pass judgment on anyone! We are here to help them stabilize their dog the quickest and best way that we know how and to do it with the least amount of risk to mouth ulceration etc.. We are trying to keep the rules to a minimum but due to the complexity of the site and the capabilities we all need to be careful of what we do to keep it safe for all. 1) There will be no rude, nasty or condescending remarks made to anyone. 2) If you wish to debate an issue please take it off public posting to personal messages. Even there things should not get out of control. Remember we are all adults! 3) We are going to work on the 3 strike rule. We fully expect people to have differences in opinion from time to time but how you handle that will make the difference. a) You can have a total of 3 warnings for rude or otherwise bad behavior. b) Threats of any kind will not be tolerated. c) Upon the 3rd warning or any threat the member will be removed from the forum d) If the Administration of learns of any off list threats to another member and email proof is provided your membership will be terminated immediately. 4) Please try to Use Search before requesting help . 5) Racist comments or images will not be tolerated. 6) Do not leech, is a sharing community which means that we share everything we have and try to help all as much as we can, if you download or like contents of a post hit the thanks button or add to members reputation. 7) is aimed at a general audience. This means our site is designed for 13 year olds and older. Everything must be aimed at this age and older. 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Please read the forum titles / descriptions before posting. 16) Thread titles must be descriptive. 17) Do not use Full CAPs on your thread title. 18) Images must be attached or hosted on public image hosting websites such as (but not limited to): Code: 19) If size allows all uploads must be made via attachments and not be password protected, failing to do this will result in you post / link being deleted. 20) The only language spoken or written on this forum is English unless within "Other languages" forums. Please create an auto signature. An auto signature is simply your name, dog/cats name and information about your dog/cat, food fed and medications taken. This way when you are asking for help it will make things easier for those trying to help you without having to ask many questions when you may have logged off already. You can create an auto signature in any application like word and copy it into your message here. This is an example: Barbara and Asia, Zorro & Sassy in PA. USA Administrator Asia (5yrs), GSD diagnosed 4/08, cTLI 0.5 Diet: Raw. L-glutamine 1000 three a day Creon 10=cup of raw,Multiple Probiotics Metagenics IF B12- 1 tab Daily Perianal Fistulas diagnosed 11/10 Ketaconazole 200mg daily, Cyclosporine 50mg daily. Azathioprine 100mg & Pred 20mg alternating days Famotadine 20mg twice daily,Amoxicillin 500mg twice daily Thyrolar 1- 1 tab every 12 hours 60 minutes before meals. Here are the instructions to do a signature within the website: Go to settings upper right hand top: Settings >>> Edit signature Please become familiar with our great help section: type in “signature” and this pops up: How do I set signatures, avatars and profile pictures? You can set and change your signature, avatar and profile picture in the User Control Panel (providing the administrator has made these options available). For signatures, click on 'Edit Signature' under the 'Settings and Options' area of the navigation bar within the User CP. To select an existing or upload a new avatar, click on 'Edit Avatar'. To upload a profile picture, click on 'Edit Profile Picture' in the 'Your Profile' section. If you are answering a post to someone you are helping you can just sign your response with your name and dogs name if you like or nothing at all as your Avatar is your signature also! All of our proprietary files and documents are the property of Our forum conversations and blogs are private and are no one is permitted to photocopy them, forward them via email or distribute them to anyone or any institution without the knowledge and written consent of the author and the owner of Anyone found in violation may be removed from this list immediately. Any requests for membership participation in Polls, Surveys or Research, must first be approved by the Owners of reserves the right to change or modify the rules at any time without notice. It is the member’s responsibility to keep abreast of the rules. The primary function of is a layperson’s support group and was created to help EPI owners to find the best treatments and care for their EPI positive dog or cat. We the Website owners, administrators and moderators assume no responsibility for the medical care or treatment of anyone’s dog or cat. We do not take the place of Veterinarian care. All members are solely responsible for their pets’ medical care. In addition, by agreeing to the list rules, all Members thereby acknowledge that any mention of prescription medications, OTC drugs, Supplemental Enzymes or other supplements, vitamins, minerals plus diets on this list is for educational purposes only and as such, these suggestions and discussions do NOT in any way replace regular Veterinary care or Veterinary advice!!! Indeed, regular veterinary care and open, informed dialogue with your vet is ESSENTIAL and strongly encouraged, as it is vital that each caregiver fully understands his/her vet's instructions and explanations. Discussion on group regarding FDA-regulated drugs is restricted to general background information regarding standard protocols in use. For example, in response to a member concerned her dog may be developing small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), the following would be an appropriate reply: "If your EPI dog is diagnosed as having SIBO, your vet will prescribe an antibiotic--- the most commonly used being metronidazole (Flagyl) and tylosin (Tylan) but others, sometimes even in combination, may be prescribed. As SIBO in the EPI dog is particularly difficult to eradicate, your vet will most likely opt to follow the protocol defined by Texas A&M University's gastroenterology laboratory, who are the leading authorities in EPI research and management.